About us

Life Science Zurich was initiated in autumn 2001 as a common venture of the University of Zurich und the ETH Zurich. The aim of this joint initiative was to create a stronger network for researchers in the life science field and to communicate modern research to the broad public. Life Science Zurich is funded by the University of Zurich and the ETH Zurich. The Life Science Zurich management team is headed by one delegate of each university and includes the managers of the subunits and networks.

Today, LSZ has four different units cooperating closely: Learning Center, Graduate School, Communication & Events and Young Scientist Network.

Communication & Events

The original idea of stronger networking and more focus on internal and external communication has been developed over the years by the team in Communication & Events. A range of activities like exhibitions, science slams, talks, lectures and many more give an impression about the Life Science research in Zurich and also offers a dialogue with interested groups.

Learning Center

As an important institution in Life Science research, education and society, the Learning Center provides unique educational opportunities for different target groups. In courses, demonstrations and lab visits, the visitors can discover the life sciences, gain insight into modern research fields and also discuss with scientists. The Learning Center is a valuable point of exchange between academic research and schools.


Graduate School

The Graduate School houses 18 outstanding PhD programs of the University Zurich and ETH Zürich. Its comprehensive and challenging education with a wide range of courses and a strong mentoring system attracts the most promising young scientists from across the world.

Young Scientists Network

The Young Scientist Network is run by a group of graduate students and post-docs of the University and the ETH Zurich. Switzerland. Its main mission is to reduce the existing gap between academic research and the life science industry. This is achieved by several smaller and larger events throughout the year.

Business Network

The Business Network also belongs to Life Science Zurich but work indepently of UZH or ETH. It supports and promotes the collaboration between the Life Science players in academia, industry and the public sector in the Greater Zurich Area, other Life Science centers in Switzerland and abroad.