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Life Science Zurich

About us

Life Science Zurich – who we are and what we do

Life Science Zurich (LSZ) was founded in 2001 as a joint unit of the University of Zurich and ETH Zürich. The main goal at the beginning was a stronger internal and external communication about life science topics. Today, this task is taken care of by Communication & Events. In 2005 and 2006 respectively, the Graduate School and the Learning Center were established. After a few years again, the Young Scientist Network and the Business Network were launched.

Our core team consists of the heads of these units, two scientific collaborators, an administrative assistant, and a lab team. More about the LSZ Team.

Life Science Zurich is affiliated to both ETH Zürich and the University of Zurich. Its board has one delegate of each university and includes the managers of the subunits and networks.

With our activities we create opportunities for a dialog in the society about topics and findings in life sciences. We share knowledge and contribute to promoting Zurich as a centre for cutting-edge research, first class education and economic innovation in the field of life sciences.

How do we do that?

Communication & Events

  • We organize lecture series, exhibitions, scientific cafés, panel talks and much more for the broad public or more specific target groups. Current events you find here.
  • We host different formats and channels for researchers who want to inform about their research topics and projects (like our new offer “Scientists share their knowledge” and support them in the science communication. Furthermore, we help with the organization and planning of conferences.

Learning Center

  • In our school lab on Irchel Campus school classes (from primary school to gymnasium level) attend lab courses in molecular- and developmental biology, ecology, biochemistry, biodiversity and neurobiology. The students learn the basic lab techniques and gain insight in current life science research. The lab courses are often followed by a labtour at an institute.
  • In addition to the courses for school classes we offer continuing education courses and workshops for teachers of all school levels.
  • With projects like the ForschKisten (science experimental boxes) we offer teaching materials that can be borrowed by schools and that promote a high-quality life science teaching. More in German: ForschKisten Primarschule & ForschKisten Sekundarschule.

Graduate School

Students from all over the world choose Zurich for their PhD studies at any of the 17 PhD programs hosted by the Life Science Zurich Graduate School. The doctoral studies imply a comprehensive and well-structured program curriculum, transferable skills courses and also a best-practice and ethics education. We offer a clear mentoring system and a range of activities throughout the academic year. Most of the PhD programs are run jointly by ETH and the University of Zurich. The PhD studies takes around 4 years after which the doctor title is awarded either by the University of Zurich or by ETH depending on the affiliation of the supervisor.

Our networks

With our networks like the Young Scientist Network and the Business Network we help establishing contacts between academia, industry and the public sector. The Young Scientist Network regularly organizes lectures and panel discussions as well as company visits for PhD students and postdocs. Once a year the network hosts a big career event, The Zurich Life Science Day. These activities help paving the way for successful career starts in many fields in- and outside of academia. The Business Network supports collaborations between the universities and companies within the Greater Zurich Area. The network meetings take place several times a year. Once every 2-3 years, a Life Science Impact Conference is organized.  

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Life Science Zurich Team

The Life Science Zurich Team

From left: Silvie Cuperus, Claudia Bischoff, Daniel Kiper, Susanna Bachmann, Helen Stauffer, Alex Butschi. Not on the photo: Michael Brügger and Jochen Hilchenbach